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so okay i just need to make a post about this new anime i started watching, Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru

it’s a magical girl anime, and one of the main characters is disabled


Togo was in an accident when she was little and hasn’t been able to move or feel her legs since.  of course, i fucking lost my shit at a main character in an anime this season being disabled, but i was kind of curious and apprehensive about how they were going to handle her disability when she transforms.


see those ribbons?  togo isn’t magically healed when she transformed, making her disability just something to make her unique when she’s a human.  no, those ribbons are how she moves.  her legs still don’t work, but the ribbons on her costume get her around and maneuver her so she can fight just as good as the other girls.








Women Warriors series by maxre

A women only archery competition in North Japan.


Necklace with pendants shaped as the head of Selene, acorns, and lotus flowers.  Ptolemaic Period, Egypt. London, British Museum. Found here at ornament-i-still.livejournal.com.


Necklace with pendants shaped as the head of Selene, acorns, and lotus flowers.  Ptolemaic Period, Egypt. London, British Museum. Found here at ornament-i-still.livejournal.com.



Caliborn’s Karkat 


Caliborn’s Karkat 


man like ok so i know i posted about sirius and teachers earlier and how that’s gross but like

ok on the marauders fanlore page someone put down that some ships are like fucking

remus/hermione ???

sirius/hermione ???

james/hermione ???????

and like i KNO there’s…

okay there’s a bunch of stories with those character that clearly have the problem you are complaining about

but there’s also stories with those characters where the age difference is negated by like time turners and stuff. So… don’t freak out entirely about the tags and try to go delete them? Time turners are a legit thing in harry potter after all


His eyes are FABULOUS


how fuckin’ dare you, sebastian stan: 25/∞



I made a comic about what it feels like (to me) to cope with having an invisible illness and the judgements and accusations that sometimes come with invisible illnesses.

I did it in green ‘cause that’s the color of the Celiac Awareness ribbon Celiac is one of the “imaginary” “all in your head” “stupid” “hypochondriac” invisible illnesses I live with.

So here. Be nice to people in general, because it’s the right thing to do, but if you can’t at least do that then please don’t be an asshole when someone tells you that they have Lupus or Celiac or Fibromyalgia or any of the other things that we live with every day that you can’t see on the surface.


so much this.

some days i can hike five miles on rocky ground and feel great. some days i can barely hobble to the end of the block. the really exciting one is when i hike five miles on rocky ground, feel absolutely fantastic, and the next day i’m lying on the bathroom floor puking from pain.

i know it’s inconvenient that i can’t schedule an activity in advance and know whether i’ll be able to do it. my friends are always saying things like “we should go to the state park and look at the leaves turning before it’s too late!” and i’m like “that would be cool, i’m not sure i can though” and i think maybe they interpret it as disinterest. but no. i’m longing desperately to go, i want to go, i want to see that, i want to be there. but whether i’ll be a hiking powerhouse or a crippled wreck can depend on something as tiny and unpredictable as whether my blanket slips down while i’m sleeping so a draft runs down my back. or whether i have to suddenly check my stride to avoid stepping on the cat as i go down stairs. i honestly, legitimately cannot tell you whether i’ll be able to go hiking with you on a certain day. i honestly, legitimately do not know until i get up and start moving around whether i’ll even be able to make it to the grocery store.

fortunately, the people around me are awesome and do not accuse me of lying or exaggerating or anything like that. and i have good health insurance, so i’ve been able to get cortisone shots and physical therapy, which has made a huge difference. but it’s still frustrating for everyone how unpredictable my symptoms are.